Galaxy Power Inc., a Toronto-based private corporation, was established to create one of Canada’s leading hubs of Clean Technology public company-related knowledge.


Galaxy Power is managed by its co-founder and CEO, Jean-Pierre Colin, former high profile Bay Street Investment Banker, and its Chairman, Jim Payne, CEO of Toronto Stock Exchange publicly listed hydrogen technology company, dynaCERT Inc. Our founders are supplemented by a diverse team supporting our goals. (please view our “Team” page)

Growing Clean Technology Industry

Initially, our company is heeding the advocacy of the emerging and fast-growing new Hydrogen Economy, supporting ESG imperatives appropriate in financial markets and upholding the irreversible powerful trend of our society toward growing investments in the necessary ecologically sustainable economy.

Throughout our country, new products and new businesses are emerging as a result of the very strong national and international government impetus for change and the associated Canadian business fortitude. The entire world, on a planetary scale, is focusing on Hydrogen as a Clean Technology solution to the imperative demands of Climate Change.

Mission Statement

Galaxy Power’s Mission is to be at the forefront of the newest high growth business opportunities, such as the those created by the Canadian Federal Government’s new tax incentive proposals in its recent Budget, especially those related to solutions to Climate Change and the Paris Accord.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to make the business world a better place for everyone: Generating Ideals for Ideal Generations. Specifically, we advocate the creation of Flow Through Shares for the Clean Technology Industry in Canada.

Galaxy Power fosters the development of companies operating as industry leaders in ESG as well as those at the early stages of the emerging Clean Technology growth curve.

Diversity of Knowledge & Skills

To successfully accomplish our proud mission, we are co-opting the finest like-minded and experienced people that lead a diverse set of critical aspects of the Canadian CleanTech intellect, both from a business point of view and a scientific or technological point of view. We aim to fill the vacuum of investment knowledge by assembling a collective “brain trust” of forward-thinking professionals in Clean Technology and ESG.