ZEN and the Art of Flow Through Share Maintenance

May 2021

I trust many of you will recognize some timeless humor in the title chosen for this first Communique. But we are definitely embarking on a very serious journey with our innovative business project through Galaxy Power.

If you are reading this message, it may be because, in the last few months, you have been receiving various emails, draft documents and excel charts outlining certain details of the purpose of Galaxy Power and discussing with me important intricate aspects about our innovative enterprise.

At this early stage, it is important for all of us to rally around the very purpose of Galaxy Power’s creation and continue to better define important details that we all aim to collectively achieve together. We have finally reached the crucial stage where we must all start talking to all of each other and thereby continue the inspiring team spirit, the winning team culture. Going forward, our team members won’t necessarily communicate all through myself, as was perhaps necessary to kick-start this noble undertaking so far, but our vibrant team are all communicating directly with each other, respectfully, as the need arises, through a complex web of interactions that can lead to the desirable exponential achievements.

Our important supporters continue to expand in numbers. We are building something of global significance, something that has never been built before; we are building something that no one single person can do by themselves.

Like a Space Shuttle, a crowning achievement of space travel, no one single person can build one. A collaborative team is always required to build the most awesome accomplishments and, above all, every detail plays a part. An important part. Every detail is crucial to success, like with the Space Shuttle. Tragic catastrophes that the world unfortunately witnessed in some Space Shuttle programs were a result of the lack of attention to detail. We learn from accounts of past great triumphs: for Galaxy Power no detail is too insignificant to be allowed to fail. This thinking is why we encourage mutual frequent communications and discussions among all our members.

Hence, you are all invited to peruse our new web site. I am very proud of all of you as founding members of this extraordinary team and as we all start working together and admitting new like-minded recruits, the diverse professionals in Clean Technology across Canada. I believe that we all share a similar feeling, one where collaboration can augment ourselves and Galaxy Power.

I also welcome and thank all our other numerous supporters, many people of Canada who are working behind the scenes every day, indirectly making Galaxy Power’s message a success. Each one of you out there, is contributing to the important vision of Galaxy Power and making Canada a better country, a better place globally for all mankind. Galaxy Power recognizes your efforts and we all thank you warmly and are encouraged by your contributions.

The Mission of Galaxy Power is to remain as Canada’s first and leading public Clean Technology Flow Through Share proponent, commencing with our first objective, the success of the implementation of the April 2021 Canadian Federal Budget as it relates to Flow Through Shares. We strive to do so in a non-political, non-partisan manner.

In order to achieve our stated Mission in 2021, Galaxy Power sets out to accomplish several objectives, combining the collaborative experience and skills from different walks of life:

The creation of a collectivity of the top and uppermost highly competent business professionals, innovators, entrepreneurs and industry leaders involved in Canada’s swelling Clean Technology arena to identify the best opportunities for investment in Clean Technology.

Leading Scientific know-how and comprehensive knowledge regarding Clean Technology Solutions both in Canada and abroad to remain up to date and be able to properly assess the opportunities at the forefront of innovations.

Successful financing participants at the vanguard of Canada’s Capital Markets to effectively disseminate our message, raise capital from the private sector, and expertly open our audience to the investing public.

In the famous bestseller of the 1970s, “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” the narrator and his son travel through a journey that forces them to experience different practical and philosophical challenges juxtaposed with their motorcycle, a simple old vehicle, so much less complex than any Space Shuttle. Their common voyage leads them to a father-son generational mentorship as both mature to new personal and collective heights in many important ways. Clean Tech Flow Through Shares may provide a similar analogy in the years to come: With the advent of tax incentives for investment in Clean technology, Galaxy Power aims to pass on what has become a 30+ year old generation of resource-based Flow Through Share financial markets successes in the Canadian Capital Markets to the new 21st century Generation of Clean Technology which encompasses all its necessary imperatives for the now younger generation of hopeful Canadians.

I invite you to take a look at the very first ever version of our web site, meet our mutual colleagues virtually on-line, and share your insights and thoughts among each other. You will see our colleagues here, some of older generations and some of younger generations. We need all generations working together in order to accomplish our Mission. Our team is now finally a matrix representing a plurality of skill sets and multiple generations and cultures and a cross section of Canada’s contemporary Clean Technology. And, this is just the very beginning. We are continuing to co-opt professionals almost every day.

One final thought for now: As a seasoned investment banker, I always marveled at how every deal, every financing, every venture, every Mission isn’t just a simple story or cookie cutter narrative. Many of you know my personal motto: “Every Deal is an Epic”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the underpinning of our growing Galaxy Power dream team!

Jean-Pierre Colin
Galaxy Power Inc.
Generating Ideals for Ideal Generations